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This song.. reminds me of a Best Friend.

2010-04-26 09:02:15 by Gloc-12

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I had a friend who I went school in my 6th grade. She used to sing this song and sometimes we both sang it. We were close friends and soon I realized I like her. She was the best of my girl friends. Unfortunately, She didn't like me as I liked her- She liked me as a friend and likes someone else.
One day I found out She wasn't going to study here anymore. And she still didn't like me more than a best friend. And she still moved out of the school liking someone else. And didn't say goodbye.
I've been having insomnia for weeks about it. My best guy friend even tried cheerin' me up, but it just didn't work, unlike the other times.
This song is stuck in my head, But that's the way I like it. I wish wherever she is now, When she thinks Taylor Swift, I hope she thinks of me.


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2010-04-26 14:40:29

No way, she hates you >:(

Naaah, welcome to newgrounds dude, have a good time here ;)

Also, pm Wadefulp if you have any problems, and dont leave a comment to Toms Blog, he doesnt read all you know. Tom has many things to do, also outside of ng, so it would be better to contact Wade.

Ok, then, welcome to newgrounds again! :D

Gloc-12 responds:

Thanks for the welcome man.
I only submit some artworks here, I'm working on my first flash game.
Thanks again!


2010-06-22 19:22:53


Gloc-12 responds: